Fast. Accurate. Quantitative.

Sometimes the best idea
is a simple idea.

Our breakthrough system can dynamically detect and record the presence of radiolabeled biomarkers in tissue quickly, safely, and inexpensively.

This technology has potential human applications in assuring the quality of PET injections, measuring arterial input function non-invasively, assessing inflammation, monitoring therapy response of superficial tumors, and several others.

Related technology has been developed for use in animal research for preclinical evaluation of compounds.

Built with proven technology. Uniquely displayed.

The system is fast, inexpensive, portable, safe, and easy to use.

Our system uses proven PET crystal technology repackaged into small, lightweight sensors.

Measurements from the sensors are collected and then processed by proprietary algorithms to yield time-activity curves and kinetic data for the area of interest.

Collected data is aggregated in the Lucerno cloud server, which provides a convenient and versatile method to review and analyze one patient, many patients, a whole lab, a multi-site clinical study, or more.

Quantify your target biological processes.

Our sensors work with any PET or SPECT radiotracers for molecular insight into the biological activity of interest.

Collect dynamic data.

Captures dynamic information–a helpful complement to static imaging, providing valuable, new insight to the current imaging standards of care.

Some of the applications of the Lucerno system described on this page have not been
FDA listed and are limited by United States law to Investigational Use.